Mark Cuban Invested in this Melbourne Startup | The Catapult Story

What can the director of Marketing for a company that serves clients such as the Wallabies, Chelsea F.C, and the NBL teach you about great content and marketing?

Quite a lot, it seems! Boden Westover takes us through the process of developing content marketing strategies that span the globe and attract clients both big and small, as well as how you can revolutionise your content strategy to do better than ever.

Here’s what You’ll Learn:

- The growth story of a Melbourne-based ASX-listed sports technology company and how they landed Mark Cuban as an investor.
- How to go from a single-product provider company to a full-stack technology solution
- Marketing and success tips growing an Australian brand in overseas markets utilising PR and workshops.

A former professional basketball player for the Melbourne Tigers, Boden Westover has spent the last 6 years leading Catapult’s marketing efforts. Catapult is using wearables and GPS tracking with over 1800 elite sports teams to improve player performance and reduce injury.

Boden’s challenge has been to attract attention and clients in an extremely competitive global market, and Catapult’s success reflects his efforts.

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