How CarDeals2Me Grew 2.5x in Three Months

Are partnerships part of your growth engine? Shaun Sumaru, Founder & CEO of CarDeals2Me thinks they have to be!

He has leveraged partnerships to grow from a small team in Melbourne with an MVP to a product that spans Australia, New Zealand and Canada with an international team.

He's ready to share with the Growth Colony community how he leverages partners to unlock exponential growth. Plus how he learnt and leverages marketing channels as a non-technical founder and how he's scaling his remote team across 5+ time zones.

- How to grow your bootstrapped startup into other countries
- How to scale a remote team
- How to leverage partnerships for amazing growth

Shaun Sumaru is a seasoned automotive professional with 13+ years of experience in the automotive space. He's the founder and CEO of CarDeals2Me, a mobile app that connects car buyers to dealerships in a fast, free and anonymous format.

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